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Looking For the Perfect Motorcycle Storage Shed?

The sense of freedom one experiences with the wind against their face while cruising down the open road on a motorcycle is unmatched. Whether your ride of choice is a cutting-edge sports bike or a timeless cruiser, it’s more than just a vehicle; it reflects your unique style and spirit. That’s why securing the perfect shelter for your motorcycle is crucial. Here, we’ll guide you through finding the ultimate motorcycle storage shed for your cherished ride.

1. The Importance of Proper Motorcycle Storage


Protecting your motorcycle is about more than just keeping it out of the rain; it’s about safeguarding your investment from all environmental threats. A sturdy shed from Backyard Outfitters not only shields your bike from adverse weather but also serves as a fortress of security, maintaining your motorcycle’s condition and value. Investing in reliable storage is a wise decision for any motorcycle enthusiast.

2. Customizable Sheds for Every Rider’s Needs


Our range of motorcycle sheds caters to every rider’s requirement. From spacious garage-style sheds offering ample room and accessibility to compact utility sheds with enhanced ventilation for those hot summer days, we have it all. Our Utility Garage, a favorite among riders, features a roll-up door, a side entry, and a window, providing an ideal space for your motorcycle and gear. For those needing extra storage, our lofted garage options include overhead spaces perfect for stashing additional accessories.

motorcycle storage shedsThe Utility Garage is our best-selling motorcycle storage option. With a roll-up door, side door, and a window included in the model, this unit is perfect for storing your motorcycle with plenty of room to spare for accessories. We also offer a lofted garage version that comes with overhead storage space to store accessories for your bike.  

Utility Sheds are a great choice to protect your motorcycles. They often come with double doors, ensuring easy entry and exit, especially in the 10′, 12′, and 14′ wide versions (note: 8′ wide buildings come with a single door). One distinct advantage of our Utility Sheds is that they can be built with 8′ sidewalls (for an additional charge.) By increasing the sidewall height, you can create more space to work and store more of your stuff. 

The Lofted Barn is a great third option to store your motorcycle. With a lofted barn, ample storage is built into the structure. With the lofted barn, the sidewalls come with a maximum sidewall height of 6′ 3″. The tradeoff on this compared to the Utility Shed is, again, the built-in overhead storage. You can use this space to store lots of things. 

3. Key Features of a Superior Motorcycle Shed


A premier motorcycle storage solution does more than just house your bike; it ensures durability, security, and convenience. Look for sheds with strong locking mechanisms, UV and water-resistant materials, and the option to add a ramp for easy access. For those who cannot commit to a permanent structure, a portable garage might be the perfect solution.

4. Weather-Resilient Sheds for Ultimate Protection


Choosing a motorcycle shed that can withstand varying weather conditions is essential. Our sheds are constructed with high-quality materials to brave the elements, ensuring your motorcycle remains protected, giving you peace of mind compared to leaving it exposed.

5. Elevating Your Storage Beyond a Simple Garage

A perfect motorcycle shed transcends the concept of a mere garage; it’s a sanctuary for your bike. Our range includes metal and specially designed wood sheds that offer the ideal environment for your motorcycle, ensuring it remains accessible, protected, and in prime condition for your next journey.

6. Enhance Your Bike’s Longevity with the Right Shed


Protecting your motorcycle from the elements is crucial in maintaining its condition and reducing maintenance needs. Proper ventilation in the shed can prevent the buildup of harmful fumes, making it a key factor in selecting the right storage solution.

7. Finding Your Ideal Motorcycle Shed


The right motorcycle shed varies from rider to rider. Consider the number of motorcycles, available space, and the level of protection desired. The ideal shed should comfortably accommodate your bike, be easily accessible, and provide sturdy protection against the elements.

In summary, the decision to invest in a motorcycle storage shed is invaluable for any rider. Not only does it safeguard your bike from environmental threats, but it also ensures your motorcycle is always ready for the next adventure, offering you complete peace of mind.

Updated on 02-19-24.

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