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Top 5 Uses of Prefab Sheds

Prefab sheds have been growing in popularity over the years. They provide a great space to fulfill a variety of needs. Prefab sheds come in all different shapes and sizes and with different types of siding to match your taste. We have conducted internal polling to determine what are the top 5 uses for prefab sheds. Our results are as follows (in this order)

1. Lawn Equipment Storage

This is far and away the #1 use for sheds. Most of the people who purchase for this reason have way too much stuff to keep in their garage or homes and want to free that space up. Most often these prefab sheds are filled with things like: riding mower, push mowers, weed eaters, paint supplies, etc. By moving all of these supplies outside to the shed, not only do you open up free space, but you can also help reduce the odors associated with these items.

2.  DIY Workshop

Similar to lawn equipment, several of our customers purchase prefab sheds to do all sorts of DIY projects. The size of the prefab sheds can vary depending on the size of the DIY projects themselves. Several customers have fully functional wood working shops in their sheds while others do automotive work in our portable garages.

3. Home Office

Although houses in the US are getting bigger each year, some homes still do not have a dedicated office space. The advancements in technology are allowing more and more people to work from home. High speed internet allows for video conferencing which saves companies on travel expenses. Prefab sheds make a great home office when they are outfitted with electricity and data connections.

4. Man Cave

Men of all ages and walks of life and buying prefab sheds and converting them into “man caves” and outfitting them with electricity and running water. Men are able to invite all of their buddies over for the big game or for a weekly card game. These man caves can get pretty extravagant depending on how much the buyers want to invest.

5. Tiny Homes

With the sky-rocketing popularity of tiny homes, we are constantly getting requests for information about using our prefab sheds as a tiny home. Some people are wanting to downsize and put more of their money into traveling and other adventures. One caveat though, using a prefab shed for a tiny home may not work in certain territories due to building codes. To be clear, we don’t sell tiny homes at Backyard Outfitters. However, this is often how our customers are telling us they use them once they leave our possession. 


6. Art Studio:

A prefab shed can be transformed into an art studio, providing you with a quiet and private space to create your art without disturbing anyone else. With natural light and ventilation, it’s the perfect creative space.

7. Music Room:

A prefab shed can be converted into a soundproof music room, allowing you to practice your instrument or record your music without disturbing anyone else. Outfit it with sound-absorbing materials for the best results.

There are many, many more uses for prefab sheds but these are the top 5 uses based on our internal polling. Some other uses are: photography studio, pet house, recording studio, home workout gym and others. Whatever extra space you need, Backyard Outfitters,  has a building that can meet your needs. Give us a call today!

This article was updated 03-07-23

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