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          Our Mini Barns are an excellent entry point for those who might need a smaller amount of storage space. These units come standard with 4’ standard side walls and will take up less space in your yard while offering a tremendous value to protect what matters to you.

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Portable Garages

Utility Garages

Lofted Garages

Portable garages have become one of the most popular ways to keep vehicles safe from rain, UV rays, hail and other weather conditions. By keeping using a garage, you can also lengthen the lifespan of your vehicle. Portable garages have become one of the most popular ways of storing cars, motorcycles, ATVs and other large pieces of equipment. The standard 9’x 7’ garage door gives you a wide opening making it easy to store anything you need. Our portable garages come in two basic variations: Standard Garages and Lofted Garages. The primary difference is the Lofted Garages provide overhead storage for items you don’t use all of the time.  Our garages are 12′ or 14’ wide and include:


  • 9’ x 7’ garage door
  • 9 lite window door
  • one (1) 2′ x 3′ window
  • 12″ on center floor joists

Both garages come in three different finish options: Treated (pressure treated wood), Painted, and the Wilderness™ Finish (polyurethane treated.) Roofing options include either architectural shingles or a metal roof.