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          Our Mini Barns are an excellent entry point for those who might need a smaller amount of storage space. These units come standard with 4’ standard side walls and will take up less space in your yard while offering a tremendous value to protect what matters to you.

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Backyard Storage

backyard storageOne of the greatest values that a building from Backyard Outfitters provides is the backyard storage it provides. There are multiple backyard storage options including backyard barns, utility sheds, cabins and garages. Depending on exactly how much stuff you need to store will determine which storage solution is best for your needs. Here are some of the most popular backyard storage solutions we offer:

I. Backyard Barns

Our barns come in two different versions: the standard barn and the lofted barn. The primary difference between the two barns is the lofted area. The value of the lofted area is that there is more head room and/or overhead storage area to, you guessed it, store more stuff. The barns, like all of our other buildings, come with different exterior finish options as well as different roofing options. Each backyard barn can also be custom built if you have specific needs that need to be addressed.

II. Utility Sheds

Utility sheds are often the most cost effective backyard storage option. Our metal utility shed is, in fact, the most cost effective unit we sell. The interior structure of our metal sheds are essentially the same as our wooden sheds with the difference being metal siding and metal only roofing. Another difference on metal sheds versus wooden sheds is that metal sheds do not come with windows.

III. Cabins

Our backyard cabins are one of our more upscale storage options. Backyard cabins come, like our barns, in both a standard version and a lofted version. In addition to being used for storage, cabins are also often used as playhouses, an outdoor entertaining space and we’ve even seen them used as man caves!

IV. Garages

Garages, or portable garages as they are often referred to, are a great storage solution for larger items such as motorcycles or automobiles. Garages are designed differently than other backyard storage barns as they generally come with 8′ sidewalls by default. These buildings also come in a lofted version which offer even more storage space.

Whatever your storage needs are, buying a backyard storage building is a GREAT solution. Portable building prices can be as low as $99 per month (depending on your area – please consult with your local dealer for actual pricing.)  These buildings can also be outfitted with electricity and water after the fact. If you are in the market for a building and have questions that you need answered, please give us a call at 615-807-1386. We also have a 3D barn customizer tool where you can design your very own custom barn. Give it a try!!

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