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          Our Mini Barns are an excellent entry point for those who might need a smaller amount of storage space. These units come standard with 4’ standard side walls and will take up less space in your yard while offering a tremendous value to protect what matters to you.

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Shed With Porch: More Than Just a Storage Solution

Ah, the great outdoors! There’s nothing like kicking back with a cup of coffee, soaking in the beauty of your backyard. But what if you could combine that serene experience with practicality? Meet the shed with porch, a spectacular storage space that doubles as a cozy hangout spot. This versatile building style offers a lot more than just storing your garden tools or holiday decorations. At Backyard Outfitters, we offer three primary sheds that have porches added to them. We start with either a Utility Shed or with a Lofted Barn and then add the porch to the structure. If you are looking for a shed with porch than one of these three sheds will likely fit your needs. All of these cabin sheds include a shed porch, walk-in door and windows.

Playhouse Cabin: Where Dreams Come to Life

Shed with porchDon’t let the name “Playhouse Cabin” confuse you. This shed with porch is not just for kids to go play in. One of the great features of the Playhouse Cabin is the 4′ of dedicated porch added to either the front or the back of the structure. With only having 4′ of porch, this leaves plenty of room inside the shed for you to design it however you like. Also included in the Playhouse cabin is one walk-in door as well as three 2′ x 3′ windows which can be placed where you like (with some structural restrictions.)

Key Features to Consider:

  • Space: With the 4′ shed porch, more space is available inside the shed

  • Doors: Comes standard with (1) walk-in, house-style door

  • Windows: With the (3) included 2′ x 3′ windows, there is plenty of natural light

Side Porch Cabin: The Ultimate Chill Zone

shed with porchThe Side Porch Cabin brings luxury to your storage needs. Imagine stepping out of your cabin shed into the adjoining porch area, surrounded by porch posts and wooden railings. The perfect place to enjoy a relaxing evening. You can even spice it up with some plants and outdoor decorations. And let’s not forget, this isn’t just a place to relax; it’s also a storage haven for all your garden tools and equipment. Many people often refer to our Side Porch Cabin as their perfect garden shed. It features a dedicated workstation off the entrance of the porch as well as a dedicated storage space within the shed to store larger items like mowers, tools, and decorative holiday displays. This awesome shed comes with a 4′ x 8′ porch area as well as one walk-in, house-style door,

What Makes it Unique?

  • Customized and Customizable: Pick from our stock or get it built to your specifications.

  • Doors and Windows: Select the door style and windows to suit your taste.

  • Length and Style: Tailor it to fit perfectly in your yard.

Deluxe Cabin: A Step Above the Rest

shed with porchAre you someone who loves to spend hard work on your property and then take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor? The Deluxe Cabin is a great addition to your backyard. It comes with a larger porch, ideal for entertaining guests or just for you to sit and enjoy your garden’s beauty. Built from premium materials, the Deluxe Cabin doesn’t compromise on style or functionality. Plus, it offers rent-to-own financing and free delivery & setup (within 30 miles of the nearest dealer) to make your life easier. Just like the Playhouse Cabin and the Side Porch Cabin, the Deluxe Cabin can be built on either the lofted barn or the utility shed buildings we offer. Along with the larger porch, this shed comes with bay-style windows as well as a walk-in door. Adding additional doors to this building, or any of our buildings, is simple and cost-effective.

Why the Deluxe Cabin?

  • Features: Offers a much larger porch for more entertaining area.

  • Beauty and Style: The cabins can be painted with colors that complement the outdoors.

  • Materials: Built with quality materials, assuring your investment stands the test of time.

Rent To Own Financing: Your Dream Building, One Payment at a Time

We get it. Investing in such a fantastic building might seem overwhelming. That’s why we offer a popular rent-to-own financing option. No credit checks, and you can have your shed delivered right to your site, absolutely free! Our rent-to-own process is very simple. Our Rent to Own Program allows you to have storage in your backyard or at your business with little money upfront and affordable monthly payments. There is no credit check. Our program is a simple month-to-month contract. Simply pick out the storage building you want and pay us the first month’s rent and a small security deposit and we deliver it to you. After delivery, if you make all consecutive monthly payments you own it! It is that simple.  In addition, you can pay the building off at any time with no pre-prepayment penalty.

Free Delivery & Setup: We Got You Covered

There’s no need to worry about transporting these hefty buildings. Our team will deliver your shed, complete with all its features, right to your backyard. We offer FREE delivery and setup within 30 miles of your nearest dealer. No site preparation is needed if the ground is within 2′ of level. The customer is responsible or providing a clear and unobstructed path to get the shed properly placed. The customer must also be responsible for deciding if the ground is firm enough for delivery.


A shed with a porch is more than just a storage unit; it’s a lifestyle statement. From playhouse cabins for the kids to deluxe models for the grown-ups, these buildings offer a unique blend of functionality and style. Whether you want to sip coffee on your porch swing or create a sanctuary for your garden tools, a shed with a porch is the versatile solution you’ve been looking for.

So, are you ready to bring this relaxing and functional addition to your life? Grab a cup of coffee and our rocking chair and start enjoying your new shed from Backyard Outfitters today!!

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